White Castle Introduces new “Slider Lites” Featuring Single Hole Patty

White Castle has launched a new innovation for the spring season called Slider Lites, featuring a large single-hole pure beef patty.

White Castle is kicking off the spring season with its latest innovation featuring all-new Slider Lites. The popular hamburger chain is known for its iconic sliders, which have helped many to enjoy the ultimate delicacy without the guilt of fast food. For those who are still scratching their heads, sliders are square-shaped hamburgers with square-shaped patties that usually come with five holes. These holes help the patties cook more evenly and quickly. However, this new innovation will feature a large single-hole pure beef patty with all the delicacy.

However, it is still questionable how this single-hole patty will work since the square patty with its five holes is such an iconic and recognizable part of the White Castle brand. This new innovation represents a significant departure from the chain’s traditional recipe, which can be risky. However, we can still keep our faith in White Castle since all the rollouts go through testing before their official launch. If this rollout has passed its testing period, then we can only draw a conclusion about the product after tasting it.

Mark your calendars because the new Slider Lites small hamburger featuring a 100% all-beef burger with one large hole instead of five little ones is starting on April 1st.

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