Taco Bell is Bringing Back the Nacho Fries With a New Twist

Taco Bell is bringing back the seasonal Nacho Fries, but this time with a new twist featuring the Spicy Habanero Ranch sauce from Yellowbird.

Taco Bell is kicking off the season of spring with the comeback of Nacho Fries, but with a new twist. The new Twist? Taco Bell has collaborated with the Austin, TX-based Yellowbird Hot Sauce brand, for the creation of all-new Yellowbird Nacho Fries. This new take on the classic favorite features the new Spicy Habanero Ranch sauce.

The Nacho Fries are a popular seasonal offering from Taco Bell. However, fans have been requesting that they become a permanent addition to the nationwide menu. According to our sources, the brand has no plans to make them permanent until next year. However this year too you can enjoy them for a limited time and the new twist will make things interesting.

Starting April 13, enjoy the classic Nacho Fries for $1.99, as a limited-time debut offer. Where you can also enjoy the new mashup featuring crispy, boldly spiced fries topped with steak, nacho cheese sauce, and new Spicy Habanero Ranch sauce at a suggested price of $4.99. This new sauce can also be added to any menu item for an extra $1. However, it will be available only for a limited time, while Nacho Fries will last long beyond the collaboration.

Fans have already started raving about the comeback of Nacho fries with a new twist over social media platforms. Many are excited about the return, but many are fussing about the hyped prices and some are comparing fries with McDonald’s and Burger King classic fries. Overall, fans are excited about the return and the new twist featuring Yellowbird’s Spicy Habanero Ranch sauce.

Furthermore, the fries already hold the record for ousting the most popular Doritos Locos Tacos, during its debut in 2018. Where this year again the Nacho Fries will compete fiercely with McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and other rivals. There is a possibility that the fries will become permanent by the next year to compete with McDonald’s at lunch. Where the recently announced Volcano Menu has already hyped up the fans’ expectations for coming promotions.

Overall, the comeback is great to please the fans, in this time of inflation, where they expect more menu variation.

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