Best Beaches in Los Angeles County to Visit This Spring

Looking for the perfect springtime getaway? Look no further than Los Angeles County's stunning beaches to visit this spring.

Spring has sprung! and it is the time of the year when nature comes back to life, giving everyone a refreshing start. Spring is ideal for travel and exploration, especially, by visiting beaches or coastal areas, you can get your spring started. In our opinion, starting your trip to the coastal world from the local beaches in Los Angeles County is the best option.

The beaches in LA span a long distance along the Pacific coastline, with many coastal activities and iconic landmarks. However, visiting these beaches can be tricky, including the best time to avoid crowds and finding free facilities and transportation. Therefore, We’ve shared our authentic experience to plan a perfect trip to the best beaches in LA.

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach - Los Angeles County

This family-friendly 3.5 miles long beach offers stunning ocean views, clean water, and soft sand and is located in the beachfront city of Santa Monica, California. And with only 30 minutes journey from the LA International Airport, there are a lot of things to experience. The Santa Monica Pier area, with its amusement park, restaurants, and historic buildings, is the main attraction of the beach.

Furthermore, Santa Monica city seems always dressed up to welcome tourists with 280 days of sunshine a year. Where the walkable paths and bike-friendly city make it easier, to experience the haven of shops, spas, restaurants, and other attractions like Third Street Promenade and more. The luxurious resorts, hotels, and good public transportation welcome everyone with great hospitality. Where the diverse culture and captivating dishes make it a perfect destination to be on your bucket list.

Overall, the beach is great and will leave a great impression on you. However, if you want to avoid the over-rush or crowds at Santa Monica State Beach, then just try to visit during the early morning or late afternoon, or evening hours.


Malibu - Los Angeles County

The beautiful coastal city is home to some of the best beaches and surfing spots in the United States. Malibu has been historically the home to many Hollywood celebrities. Moreover, the city also gives the opportunities of hiking, camping, or watching out for the wildlife in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, located to the north of Malibu.

There are many popular beaches in Malibu, but Zuma Beach remains the first choice for everyone. It is the largest beach in Los Angeles County, which stretches for approximately 3 miles along the Pacific Coast Highway. Where the beach ranks healthiest for its clean water condition and excellent for surf. The beach is just a miracle for both surfers and travelers.

Now let’s talk about other popular beaches in Malibu, such as El Matador State Beach which is a paradise hidden under the dramatic bluffs, Surfrider Beach the best spot for crazy surfers and many more just make Malibu the best location to explore the magical coastal world.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach - Los Angeles County

Venice Beach is not just about the boardwalk; there is a lot to explore and experience, from the sandy beach to the vibrant Italian-inspired and unique architecture. The beach possesses a truly miraculous atmosphere.

The sandy beach boasts a soft and wide landscape with stunning mountain views. Its main center of attraction is the 2.5-mile-long pedestrian walkway, lined up with local vendors and bizarre markets. Where beach also remains the main attraction in the eyes of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, pumping up in muscle beach. Apart from the fitness culture Venice Beach is also known for its beautiful network of canals and famous skateparks.

Overall, the beach is just a miraculous wonder possessing almost all the different activities and people of different interests and cultures.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach - Los Angeles County

If you prefer solitude then Manhattan Beach could be a great option. This uncrowded stretch of sand welcomes you with year-round tans, and with a cleaner and safer environment. The lively downtown area of Manhattan Beach features some calm and unique shops lining up with restaurants and bars.

The calm and beautiful vibes of the beach will keep you alive throughout your journey. The outdoor recreation and the popular community events showcasing the city’s vibrant culture will keep up the spirit to travel.

Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach - Los Angeles County

Planning for a quick beach trip with less fuss Redondo Beach is the best option to go for. The Beach City has preserved its small-town charm and seaside soul. Where the popular sandy stretch, intersects the pier, which features the best captivating restaurants and shops. The beach city will embrace your trip with luxury hotels, comfortably elegant inns, budget-friendly seaside motels, business-friendly suites, and much more welcoming you with great hospitality.

Furthermore, the family-friendly environment at Redondo Beach makes it perfect to be on your bucket list for this spring season.

These were some of the great beach options in Los Angeles County to visit this spring season. At last, we would like to bind up this article with some pro tips, like before planning up you should research the beach you plan to visit. Where choosing the right time for a visit and packing up the essentials will avoid those unforeseen hassles.

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