Van Leeuwen Debuts 7 New Spring Flavors for 2023

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, known for its scratch-made dairy and vegan ice creams, is introducing 7 new flavors exclusively at all Walmart stores this spring 2023.

The beloved brand Van Leeuwen, known for its scratch-made dairy and vegan ice creams is kicking off the season of spring with the introduction of seven new flavors hitting the frozen aisle exclusively at all Walmart stores.

Following the successful debut of Van Leeuwen’s Malted Milkshake with Fries Ice Cream, the ice cream brand has now announced even more innovative creations with their latest collaboration with Hidden Valley in honor of National Ranch Day. The famous brands have put together their expertise in their fields and introduced the all-new Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream. It may sound weird, but it delivers a surprisingly tasty twist on the sweet treat.

Not only is Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream being launched, but the brand is also introducing seven more new flavors this spring season, including Sweet Maple Cornbread, Blood Orange Chocolate Chip, Carrot Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Honey Graham Cracker, and Limoncello Cake. These new flavors will hit the Walmart frozen aisle this spring season.

Ben Van Leeuwen, Co-Founder, and CEO of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, has praised their move in introducing all-new flavors for this spring season and has also talked about their latest collaboration with Hidden Valley for delivering a delightful sweet.

The seven new flavors for this spring season from Van Leeuwen are as follows:

  1. Hidden Valley Ranch: The all-new ice cream flavor features the sweet and delightful experience of sweet and savory flavors of ranch, buttermilk, flavorful herbs, and a touch of sweetness, creating a treat that fits perfectly for a salty snack.
  2. Sweet Maple Cornbread: This new creation features sweet yet delicious Maple Ice cream with pieces of honey cornbread.
  3. Blood Orange Chocolate Chip: The ice cream not only features the regular orange you find in most grocery stores but the Blood Orange, giving the desired color for the ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate chips.
  4. Carrot Cake: This innovative creation features cheesecake ice cream with pieces of carrot cake.
  5. Strawberry Shortcake: The goodness in this flavor includes cold-ground vanilla, jam from Oregon-grown strawberries, and pieces of shortcake.
  6. Honey Graham Cracker: The ice cream will give you the most scrumptious experience, just like having a warm pie. This ice cream includes brown sugar ice cream with pieces of graham cracker pie crust and swirls of honey.
  7. Limoncello Cake: What’s better than having Limoncello Cake Ice Cream in this spring season? The answer is yes. The all-new Limoncello Cake ice cream features pieces of sweet brown sugar cake in lemon ice cream.

These are the seven new limited-time spring flavors from Van Leeuwen, which will be available at 3,500 Walmart stores nationwide to purchase for $4.98 from March 20 through May 28.

Thus, kick off the season of spring with something more refreshing and cheerful. Apart from going for those mundane lineups of ice creams, also check out all the new frozen treats of the spring season here.

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