Top New Frozen Treats To Try This Spring 2023

Indulge in the ultimate freezing delicacies this spring season 2023 with the latest frozen treats from your favorite ice cream brands.

The season of spring is here, which means the cheerful and happiest time of the year has started. And what could be a more pleasing way to celebrate this season than by trying new spring season offerings from popular ice cream brands? To help you select the perfect delicacy, we have listed the top new frozen treats that you can find across the aisle this spring season. So grab your tasting spoon and join us on the path of ultimate freezing delicacy.

Cold Stone Creamery – Reese’s Peanut Butter Treats

Image Courtesy: Cold Stone Creamery

Start off your spring season with something sweet and delicious, and the all-new Reese’s Peanut Butter Treats from Cold Stone Creamery are the best option to go for.

Cold Stone Creamery has recently introduced three new delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Treats featuring Reese’s Take 5 Peanut Butter Pretzel Blast, No Limit to the Reese’s, and Reese’s Take 5 Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups. All of these treats feature an amazing combination of chocolate and peanut butter, making these limited-time offerings a must-try.

Ben and Jerry’s – Churray for Churros

Image Courtesy: Ben and Jerry’s

Yes, the most favorite Vermont-based ice cream brand has a new surprise for sweet tooths. The brand has introduced its all-new innovation featuring the “Churray for Churros” flavor, which celebrates all the best components of a churro, including its crunchy, buttery texture and cinnamon and sugar spices. You can find this new treat on the shelves of local retail stores across the United States in pints at an MSRP of $5.99-$6.49.

Jeni’s – “Biscuits with the Boss” Ice Cream Inspired by Ted Lasso

Image Courtesy: Jeni’s

Jeni’s, the beloved ice cream brand known for its creative flavors and innovation, has something for all of us. The brand has recently introduced its all-new “Biscuits with the Boss” Ice Cream Inspired by the hit TV series “Ted Lasso,” where the ice cream features a delicious combination of salted butter sweet cream with crumbled shortbread cookies and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt, making it a must-try frozen treat this spring season. You can order this new treat through the Jeni’s app for pickup and delivery.

Oreo – New Mint Frozen Treat

Image Courtesy: Oreo

Are you ready to go green with drinks and flavorful mint? Yes, because St. Patrick’s Day is coming, so be some Irish and try out the all-new Mint Frozen Treat from Oreo, featuring an amazing creamy combination of ice cream and cookies with the freshness of mint. The new Oreo Mint Frozen Treat has been spotted only in selected stores, so if you are lucky enough, just go for it this spring season.

Baskin Robbins – New Chicken and Waffles Flavor

Image Courtesy: Baskin Robbins

Whenever we hear the word Baskin Robbins, the only thing most of us could expect is a sweet and savory frozen treat served with all the freshness. But what happens when we tell you that the latest innovation of the popular ice cream and cakes chain is all-new “Chicken and Waffles”? Sounds weird, right? But the way it sounds is not the way it tastes.

The all-new Chicken and Waffles Flavor from Baskin Robbins features a delicious combination of Buttermilk Waffle flavored ice cream with crispy faux chick’n and waffle-flavored bites, drizzled in a bourbon maple syrup-flavored swirl. Vegetarians can also enjoy it. This totally new but a bit weird innovation should be a must-try this spring season.

Van Leeuwen’s Malted Milkshake and Fries

Image Courtesy: Van Leeuwen

It looks like the ice cream brand is turning up the snacks into a brunch meal. The Malted Milkshake with Fries doesn’t seem weird after hearing about Baskin Robbins’ new innovation, does it?

However, the delicious ice cream-serving brand has introduced its all-new innovation: the Malted Milkshake with Fries. It features a dinner-inspired malted milkshake ice cream with pieces of Idaho-grown French fries. Sounds yummy? I don’t know, but paying $12.00 for this ice cream brings up more excitement about it. Note that the ice cream is exclusively available only in New York and LA shops where you can also order it online.

Blue Bell Ice Cream – New I Love Cereal

Image Courtesy: Blue Bell

What happens when a favorite breakfast snack turns into ice cream? Yes, it is the latest innovation of Blue Bell Ice Cream featuring the all-new I Love Cereal Ice Cream flavor made with the flavor of fruity cereal combined with confetti sprinkles and coated fruity cereal pieces. You can find this new innovation in the Blue Bell stores near you.

These were some of the latest, or maybe the craziest, innovations in frozen treats which you should try out this spring season. Also, check out our blog on a regular basis to never miss any updates from your favorite food chain and news about the latest food innovations.

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