Takis Launches New Non-Spicy Snack Lineup – Intense Nacho

Takis, the popular brand known for their spicy rolled corn tortilla chips, is expanding its product range with a new innovation - Intense Nacho.

Takis, the brand known for its spicy rolled corn tortilla chips, is taking a step ahead with a new innovation featuring, for the first time, a new lineup of Intense Nacho, the non-spicy salty snack offering ever made by Takis. It is going to be launched in three new exciting forms, including Takis Pop, Takis Rolled Chips, and Takis Waves varieties.

The brand has collaborated with 2x-GRAMMY to promote and advertise its latest innovation. However, coming back to the announced lineup, the new Intense Nacho features crunchy corny bites jam-packed with bold and salty flavors without any heat.

The new Takis Intense lineup will be available nationwide starting this week, and you will be able to enjoy these tasty corny bites in different sizes, ranging from 2.5 oz. to 9.9 oz., in local stores at a suggested retail price of $2.19 up to $4.49.

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