Taco Bell Announces the Return of Volcano Menu: A Fiery and Emotional Comeback

After a decade-long wait, Taco Bell's Volcano Menu is making a much-anticipated return to the nationwide menu on June 27th for Rewards Members and for everyone on June 29th.

After hearing a bunch of rumors about the comeback of Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu, the fast food chain has officially announced the return of the Volcano Menu to the nationwide menu this summer on June 27th.

Yes, you read that right! The most anticipated menu items are finally debuting back after their last appearance at Taco Bell restaurants between 2008 and 2013. It’s official now that the returning Volcano Menu will feature some fan-favorite and most demanded menu items of all time, like the Lava Sauce, which you will be able to pair up with any menu item, Volcano Taco in its iconic laser red shell, and the Volcano Burrito for a crunchy and fiery experience.

But the hype for this returning menu is not only for the return of delicious menu items but for the menu itself, which has been a part of Taco Bell’s success from the beginning onwards. The Taco Bell Volcano Menu was first debuted in 1995, the time of the year when the Taco Bell restaurant chain was on its feet to success, expanding not only throughout the United States but also globally. Hence, the menu tells not only about the history of Taco Bell but also features an emotional connection and old memories and taste of that golden era.

Taco Bell- Volcano Menu - Promotional Poster - 2008
Taco Bell Promotional Poster – 2008

Like the Reddit user monkeytoes616 expressed such feeling after hearing about the return of the Volcano Menu, “I broke out in tears when I first heard about the comeback of Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu.” This is just an example of thousands of other messages on the internet sharing the same feeling about the comeback, that the wait from a decade has come to an end, and there is no more need for giving petitions to creating the DIY alternative of the Volcano Menu at home.

You should keep your expectations higher than the current announced lineup reintroducing the Volcano Burrito, Volcano Taco, and the option to add Lava Sauce on any item. However, for intense let’s discuss these menu items briefly.

Lava Sauce

This fan-favorite fiery sauce first appeared on the Taco Bell nationwide menu in 2008. During that time, the Lava Sauce was marketed as being “volcanic” in flavor and was made with a combination of cheese, spices, and hot sauce to give fans a fiery experience on each and every item they try with this sauce.

The unique blend of spices and amazing taste made this sauce one of the most fan-favorite menu items among those who like spicy food. However, the sauce was discontinued in 2013, leaving fans with disappointment and pressurizing the fast-food chain to create other alternatives like the Fire Sauce and the Diablo Sauce, which are still available today. Despite being discontinued, the sauce was featured in other menu items. For example, in 2015, the Lava sauce made its return as part of the Volcano Quesarito and Steak Burrito. But despite that, it has never been sold alone since 2013, putting fans to a long wait of a decade.

Volcano Taco

The Volcanic in flavor, Volcano Taco first appeared on the Taco Bell’s menu in 2008, surprising fans with its volcanic red and crunchy red taco shell where the scrumptious ingredients like seasoned beef, lettuce, cheese, and a spicy lava sauce made it a reason for its quick popularity. However, in 2013, the Volcano Taco left fans with a farewell of a long wait of a decade, and now in 2023, the Volcano Taco is finally going to make its debut back.

Volcano Burrito

This is one of the most iconic menu items from Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu. The burrito features seasoned beef, rice, beans, cheese, and a spicy lava sauce, giving it a volcanic flavor. Although it was discontinued in the United States in 2013, the menu item is still available in the United Kingdom. If you can’t wait to try it out, you can take a flight to the UK.

Another reason that contributes to the popularity of Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu is its iconic and signature menu lineup and the anticipation that the fast food chain has built among its fans.

These are only a few of the returning menu items from the Volcano Menu that have been announced by Taco Bell for now. However, you should have high expectations for the Volcano Menu, and remember to follow our blog regularly to never miss any updates regarding the menu in the future.

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