Taco Bell and Yeastie Boys Bagels Introduces a New Breakfast Menu Mashup for LA

Taco Bell and Yeastie Boys, have teamed up to introduce a new breakfast menu featuring six new dishes for a limited time.

Taco Bell is collaborating with Yeastie Boys, a Los Angeles-born food truck concept, to introduce a new innovative Breakfast Menu. Both brands are known for their high fanbase and innovative menu lineup, and now they are putting their expertise together to introduce a new breakfast menu featuring six new innovative dishes for a limited time starting from March 24th through Sunday, March 26th.

But wait, there’s more exciting news about this new innovative breakfast menu lineup! Throughout this partnership, the brands have decided to serve up the customers for free. Yes, each customer will be able to enjoy at least one menu item from this new innovated breakfast menu lineup.

The Taco Bell x Yeastie Boys Breakfast Menu includes:

  • Game Over Breakfast Crunchwrap: Fresh scrambled eggs, bacon, crispy hash brown, Yeastie Boys’ signature cheddar-jalapeño cream cheese, and melted cheddar.
  • Cheddy Melt Breakfast Burrito: Fresh scrambled eggs, double-smoked bacon, melty cheese, and crispy hash brown served with a side of breakfast salsa.
  • Everything Breakfast Quesadilla: Fresh scrambled eggs, double-smoked bacon, scallion cream cheese, melty three-cheese blend, Taco Bell x Yeastie Boys Everything Seasoning, and toasted cheddar on the outside.
  • Cinnamon Twist Bagel Sando: Toasted bagel with Mexican-spiced cream cheese and Cinnamon Twists.
  • Grilled Cheese Bagel Sando (Classic or Fire!):
    • Classic: Choice of bagel, over-easy egg, bacon, jalapeño-Everything aioli with grilled cheese on the outside.
    • Fire!: Choice of bagel, over-easy egg, bacon, Fire!-Everything aioli with grilled cheese and jalapeño on the outside.
  • Bell Bagel & Saucy Schmear: Toasted bagel, choice of Mild! Hot! or Fire! cream cheese, and choice to add Taco Bell x Yeastie Boys Everything Seasoning. Vegan Fire! cream cheese spread is also available.

The location and time to participate are as follows:

  • Friday, 3/24, 8am-2pm at Arts District: 584 Mateo St.
  • Saturday, 3/25, 8am-2pm at Silver Lake: 3900 Sunset Blvd. and also at Venice: 1107 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
  • Sunday, 3/26, 8am-2pm at Studio City: 12103 Ventura Pl. and also at West Hollywood: 8420 Melrose Pl.

However, this new innovative menu experience is only available for the customers in LA. If you are unable to join this offer from the recent collaboration, then you can just enjoy the Taco Bell Nationwide menu.

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