Potbelly Celebrates National Meatball Day with New Meatball Sandwiches and a Secret Menu

Potbelly, the popular sandwich chain, is celebrating National Meatball Day with a bang by introducing three new meatball sandwiches to their menu.

Potbelly, the house of sandwiches, is celebrating National Meatball Day by showcasing their underground menu and featuring three new meatball sandwiches available from March 9th to April 3rd.

Potbelly is calling all its fans to be a part of their new secret menu featuring delicious meatball sandwiches, and they are also inviting the brand’s Perk Reward members to try their new limited-time toasty and meaty creations during the promotional timeframe for an added reward.

Come together in the celebration of National Meatball Day with Potbelly if you want to try out something new and better than the existing mundane lineup of sandwiches. The new underground menu from Potbelly will be available between March 9th (National Meatball Day) and April 3rd, and it will feature the following three meatball sandwiches:

  • Sicilian: This sandwich brings the delicious, aromatic Italian island flavors with meatballs, mushrooms, marinara, and provolone cheese.
  • Wrecking Ball: As the name suggests, this sandwich is wrecking it with a combination of meatballs, marinara, and provolone cheese, making it the perfect delight.
  • Fireball: If you want some more heat, then go for this fireball sandwich featuring the combination of meatballs, chili, cheddar cheese, and Potbelly’s signature hot peppers.

David Daniels, the Chief Marketing Officer at Potbelly Sandwich Works, praised their move in going bigger this year, as well as mentioning their move in listening to the words of their fans and bringing back their exclusive limited-time Underground Menu.

But note that this is not the only thing fans should be excited about; the house of sandwiches is also celebrating the month of March Madness with their new “Meatball Madness Menu Challenge.” By purchasing any three meatball sandwiches (Mama’s Meatball, Pizza Melt, Fireball, Wrecking Ball, or Sicilian), you can earn a Perk for a free Original size sandwich.

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