Oreo New Blackout Cake Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Hitting Shelves this April 3rd

Oreo the favorite cookie brand is taking their innovation to the next level with their all-new Blackout Cake Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.

Oreo, the world-famous sandwich cookie brand, is turning fans’ imagination into reality. That’s right—the fan-made or unofficial Oreo Blackout Cake is taking an official and innovative turn with new Blackout Cake Chocolate Sandwich Cookies hitting nationwide shelves on April 3rd.

For a long time, Blackout Cake has been a widely-shared unofficial recipe amongst people and restaurants across the United States. It’s made mostly with layers of chocolate cake, pudding, and fan-favorite Oreo cookies. This rich and chocolatey cake has caused a “blackout” of the senses with its delicious taste, bringing in millions of views over the internet and revolutionizing the thinking of home bakers.

Today, people’s imaginations are taking a beautiful and delicious turn as Oreo recognizes their fans’ love and innovation by introducing the all-new Blackout Cake Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. This double-layered cookie features a classic chocolate base and a layer of chocolate cake-flavored creme stacked on top of a layer of dark chocolate cake-flavored creme.

This new innovative delicacy is set to hit the nationwide cookies aisle on April 3rd, as per Oreo’s official announcement. It will be exciting to see whether this innovation is as good as it sounds or not.

However, there is nothing to worry about, as this is not the first time the cookie brand is introducing an innovative flavor by taking inspiration from staple desserts or cake. It is quite challenging when it comes to turning the internet’s most popular and beloved unofficial cake creation into an official cookie, keeping up a greater challenge for the Oreo brand. Nevertheless, the answer to all the questions will come to an end on April 3rd when the brand officially launches its latest innovation on nationwide shelves. Get ready to treat yourself to this new limited edition flavor this spring season!

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