Marco’s Pizza Introduces New Limited-Time Meaty Magnifico Pizzas Featuring Old World Sausage

Marco's Pizza, a popular pizza chain, is introducing two new variants of their signature Magnifico Pizzas - the Sausage Magnifico and the Ultimate Magnifico.

Marco’s Pizza is kicking off the season of spring with the bold flavors of NEW sliced Old World Sausage on their new limited-time Meaty Magnifico Pizzas. Yes, you read that right. The pizza chain is going a step further apart from their popular Pepperoni Magnifico and now introducing two new variants of Magnifico Pizzas featuring the all-new Sausage Magnifico and the Ultimate Magnifico.

The new pizzas are going to feature the authentic Italian taste with an American twist, as the pizza will be prepared with the NEW sliced Old World Sausage for a bolder and authentic taste that everyone expects from any meat-topping pizza.

“Pepperoni Magnifico is our signature product and a hallmark for the brand,” said Chief Experience Officer Steve Seyferth at Marco’s Pizza. “Spinning off this great creation, we wanted to craft a wider range of bold tastes that appeal to sausage and pepperoni lovers alike, which led us to upgrade the Sausage Magnifico and the Ultimate Magnifico recipes with our NEW Old World Sausage.”

The key ingredient behind the success of every Magnifico pizza is Marco’s bold-flavored Sausage Magnifico, which comes loaded with NEW Old World Sausage and classic Italian sausage – and finished with a signature sprinkle of Romesan seasoning and a garlic-flavored crust.

However, coming back to the announced pizza, the new Marco’s Sausage Magnifico pizza is going to feature the NEW bold Old World Sausage and the flavors of traditional, sliced Italian sausage, offering an authentic taste.

Whereas, The Ultimate Magnifico will be served topped with NEW bold Old World Sausage and signature Old World Pepperoni, along with both classic Italian sausage and pepperoni. For the ultimate experience, the pizza will be garnished with Romesan seasoning, signature three-cheese, original sauce, atop a freshly baked, golden, garlic crust.

Both of these new pizzas are going to take the Marco’s signature Magnifico lineup a step forward while also fulfilling the demands of the fans. If you are interested in trying out these pizzas, then you can find them at your nearest location by clicking here. Also, check out the latest fast food deals and offers of the month of March over here.

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