Dairy Queen Introduces Two New Chicken Strip Sandwiches

Dairy Queen is starting off the spring season with exciting new menu items. The Fast Food Chain featuring all new and return of sandwiches and treats.

Dairy Queen is kicking off the spring season with a bang! Following the return of the seasonal Wild Alaskan Pollock Fish Sandwich and Brownie Blizzard, the fast food chain is introducing new strip sandwiches in two different varieties.

However, the sandwiches are not the only new items at Dairy Queen. The fast food chain has also recently introduced its all-new Under the Rainbow Shake along with the Churro Dipped Cone to kick off this month of March. It looks like Dairy Queen is listening to the words of its fans and making all of their dreams come true.

Coming back to the launch of the sandwiches, Dairy Queen has recently added two new sandwiches to its nationwide menu featuring the Original Chicken Strip Sandwich along with a new variant for a spicy experience: the Spicy Chicken Strip Sandwich.

Just like its name, the new Original Chicken Strip Sandwich features classic chicken strip flavor. The sandwich is peppered up with Dairy Queen’s signature all-white meat seasoned chicken strips and served hot on a soft, toasty bun, with crisp chopped lettuce, tomato, and mayo. If you are a person who likes a bit more heat, then you can opt for the Spicy Chicken Strip Sandwich, which also includes the same ingredients but with added heat from the FlameThrower sauce – yes, you read that right – it is the same sauce used for Dairy Queen’s FlameThrower Signature Stackburgers.

Talking about nutritional value, both sandwiches are more than 500 calories, and like every other fast food item, they are also high in sodium. However, they are still a healthier option compared to those greasy sandwiches offered by other fast food chains.

These two new sandwiches are now available at your nearest Dairy Queen store nationwide. However, to check their availability, you can click here. Also don’t forget to checkout the latest deals and offers of the month of March over here.

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