Crumbl Cookies New March 20-25th Weekly Line-Up

Crumbl Cookies has introduced its all new weekly line up of delicious cookies starting this March 20th through March 25th.

Crumbl Cookies is kicking off this week with a bang since the makers of delicious cookies are introducing their all-new line-up of cookies featuring all the deliciousness and happyness. Starting from March 20 to March 25th, the new weekly line-up of crumbl cookies will be featuring the below-listed cookies. 

Lemon Poppy Seeds: This delicious cookie features all the freshness as it is baked with poppy seeds, then stuffed with a lemony filling and smothered in a lemon almond glaze.

Texas Sheet Cake: Crumbl cookies is presenting their all new creation featuring a warm, cakey chocolate cookie with a fudgy glaze and crunchy toasted pecans. 

Raspberry Cheesecake: Can you imagine the taste of Raspberry Cheesecake? If yes, then take out the cake and put the cookie in your imagination, since this latest cookie from Crumbl Cookies features a deliciously decadent jamboree including a buttery graham cracker cookie, smooth vanilla cheesecake frosting, and a dollop of fresh raspberry jam. 

Monster: A cookie with a little bit of trick and treat, opps, it’s not Halloween, however, the cookie features an amazing combination of peanut butter, chocolate candies, semi-sweet chocolate chunks, brown sugar, and oatmeal, all rolled into one.

Sea Salt Toffee: This innovation features a delicious infusion toffee and milk chocolate chips, all topped with a dash of sea salt. 

Classic Pink Sugar: The fan favorite classic pink sugar cookie will be continuing even this week to give you the taste of a scrumptious vanilla sugar cookie topped with a perfect pink swoop of real almond frosting. 

You can also check out the last week’s lineup of crumble cookies here, as well as all the deals and offers for the month of March over here.

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