Checkers and Rally’s Introduces New Mushroom-Infused Burger and $5 Meal Deal

Checkers and Rally's, the popular drive-thru fast-food chain, has launched a new innovation featuring delicious and juicy mushrooms in their menu.

Checkers and Rally’s are kicking off the spring season with new rollouts and amazing deals. Yes, you read that right! The popular drive-thru fast-food chain is now introducing its new innovation made up of delicious and juicy mushrooms. To celebrate this new debut, the fast-food chain is also offering a new $5 Meal Deal to help customers enjoy the delicious treats without breaking the bank.

This new innovation features Checkers and Rally’s mushroom-infused burger along with sides, featuring the all-new Fried Mushroom Buford and fried mushrooms for a complete juicy experience.

“If you love a good bang for your buck with mushrooms on top, Checkers & Rally’s $5 Meal Deal has you covered,” said Ryan Joy, Senior Director of Menu Development at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.

Fried Mushroom Buford: The all-new innovation features Checkers and Rally’s signature and largest 100% hand-seasoned beef hamburger patties topped with Swiss cheese, crispy battered fried mushrooms, savory mushroom sauce, and caramelized onions on a toasted bun.

Fried mushrooms: To infuse the powerful, juicy flavors of mushrooms in your mouth, you can also grab some fried mushrooms along with Fried Mushroom Buford for the ultimate experience.

But wait, there’s something more exciting for all the customers this spring season! Yes, to help you deal with high inflation, the fast-food chain has introduced its all-new $5 Meal Deal. It allows you to choose between a fully dressed Checkerburger (or Rallyburger) loaded with fresh toppings or, for a limited time, a Mushroom Swissburger. Plus, eight white meat chicken bites, a small order of its Famous Seasoned Fries, and a 16-ounce drink. Note that the Mushroom Swissburger is also part of the $5 Meal Deal since the spring season is all about mushrooms. So, don’t miss out on this amazing deal and offering to get your hands on some juicy mushroom-infused treats. Also Don’t forget to checkout the latest deals and offers of month of the March over here.

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