Celebrating National Potato Chip Day 2023: Deals and Delights

March 14th marks National Potato Chip Day, a day to honor and celebrate one of the staple snacks of the United States, and here's are the latest deals.

It’s March 14th or National Potato Chips Day, a day to honor and celebrate one of the staple snacks of the United States. Yes, we are talking about Potato Chips. The food snack, first introduced in 1800, is today a lifeline for millions of people around the world. Whether you like ridged chips, kettle-cooked chips, or flavored chips, the occurrence of National Potato Chips Day celebrates and honors all the people who just love this staple snack made from thinly sliced and deep-fried potatoes.

EventNational Potato Chip Day
DateMarch 14, 2023
SignificanceThe day Celebrates and honors the people’ s love for the Potato Chips
Observed byUnited States

Potato Chips have always been a popular and trending snack, whether young or old, whether it’s time for munchies or while watching a movie, this fried snack has the ability to add more auspiciousness or enjoyment to any moment, and thus, we honor its occurrence so greatly every year on March 14th.

The versatility, ease of having, cheap price, and great taste are the major reasons behind the success of this worldwide trending snack. Thus, this March 14th, let’s mark the occasion by honoring each and every potato flavor from your favorite brands and honor them for their efforts in making each slice more delicious and crunchy.

To make your celebration of National Potato Chip Day even more delicious and crunchy, we have listed the top two deals of the day from all your favorite brands. You can also share your deals in the comment section and contribute to making everyone’s celebration a bit happier.

Subway: Subway, the mega sandwich chain in the United States, has collaborated with Lay’s, one of the world’s top Potato Chips makers, to debut an all-new and crunchy Potato Chip Footlong. Yes, you read that right. The mega sandwich chain has announced their latest innovation featuring the world’s first 12-inch Potato Chip Footlong exclusively available on March 14th at the Subway restaurant located at 6700 Stonebrook Parkway, Suite 100 in Frisco, Texas.

National Potato Chip Day 2023 - subway deals
Courtesy: Subway

The fast-food chain and Potato Chip brand are celebrating the occurrence of National Potato Chip Day by giving away a free Potato Footlong exclusively at a Subway restaurant in Frisco, Texas. For more information about the announcement, visit this page.

Price Rite Marketplace: Price Rite, the popular retail chain of supermarkets, is also celebrating the occurrence of National Potato Chip Day by giving away a Family size pack of Utz chips for only $1. Note that this offer is valid only at participating locations on March 13th and March 14th, so take advantage of this deal and fill up your empty snack cabinet with a lot of munchies.

More deals of National Potato Chip Day will be updated very soon. Mean while check out all the deals and offers of the month of March Here, where today we are also celebrating Pi Day, so you can also check out the deals of Pi Day over here.

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