Brach’s New Desserts of the World Jelly Beans: A Global Adventure in a Bag

Brach's, the renowned seasonal candy brand in the United States, has launched its latest innovation, the Desserts of the World Jelly Beans.

Brach’s, the seasonal candy brand in the United States, is making things even sweeter this spring season by featuring their latest innovation, the all-new Desserts of the World Jelly Beans. These globally-inspired jelly beans will feature some of the most popular flavors from around the world, including five new limited-edition flavors: Chocolate Macaron, Strawberry Mochi, Churro, Apple Pie, and Lemon Sorbet.

Brach’s always tries to be innovative, and that’s the main reason why sweet tooths love their candies so much. Therefore, we can conclude that the all-new Desserts of the World Jelly Beans are going to be a big hit among sweet tooths, making this candy an amazing way to celebrate this season of spring.

For those who are curious, each of the five new flavors represents a different country. For example, Chocolate Macaron is a sweet delicacy that originated in France and is known for its rich chocolate flavor and delicate, crisp texture. Strawberry Mochi is a traditional Japanese dessert made of glutinous rice flour and filled with red bean paste and a fresh strawberry. Churro is a fried dough pastry that originated in Spain and is popular in many Spanish-speaking countries. Apple Pie is a classic dessert that originated in Europe, and Lemon Sorbet the frozen dessert features fresh lemon.

Each featured flavor has its own uniqueness and depicts a traditional, as well as popular, dessert from around the world. Therefore, tasting each and every flavor of the world in just a few jelly beans is the ultimate experience for any sweet tooth and makes this candy a must-try.

This spring, sweet tooths can purchase Brach’s new Desserts of the World Jelly Beans for a limited time, alongside a delicious variety of Brach’s Classic Jelly Beans at grocery stores, drug stores, and mass-market retailers nationwide. Checkout the lenten inspired menu of fast food chain here.

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