Whataburger Brings Back Whatacatch Fish Sandwich Just in Time of Lent

Whataburger, the popular fast food restaurant chain, is bringing back the iconic Whatacatch fish sandwich to help you celebrate the season of lent. 

Whataburger, the popular fast food chain in the United States, is bringing back their iconic seasonal offering featuring the delicious Whatacatch fish sandwich and also the Whatacatch dinner if you just hate cooking or want to keep the hassel of cooking out of the season of lent. 

The Whatacatch fish sandwich features a delicious fish filet on a small bun stuffed tightly with tomato, lettuce, and yes, of course, the taste enhancer for fish, the tartar sauce. 

According to the official press release, the Watacatch fish sandwich is going to be available on the menu now through April 10. 

If you are looking for dinner this Lenten season, you can also taste out the Whatacatch Dinner, which features fish fiets without buns with tartar sauce and comes along with ice and french fries. 

Thus, take advantage of this seasonal offering from Whataburger and celebrate the season of lent with joy. Check out all the deals and offers of the season of lending over here.

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