Whataburger Brings Back Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich and Salad

Whataburger has announced the return of its beloved Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich and Salad for limited time, starting today.

Whataburger has brought back the iconic fan favorite for all the whetting appetites that have been waiting to taste the delicious Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich again. The sandwich was first debuted in 2015, and due to its popular demand, it is back on the nationwide menu for a limited time. The three crispy layered sandwich features all-white meat chicken strips, two slices of Monterey Jack, zesty buttermilk ranch, and is topped off with Whataburger’s Buffalo Sauce. It is served on a toasted bun.

The sandwich is available for a limited time, and the price may vary according to location.

If the sandwich is not enough to satisfy your cravings, then you can also go for the returning Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad. The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad features a crispy Whatachick’n Filet, Blue Cheese, Bacon Slices, Grape Tomatoes, Grated Carrots, Buffalo Sauce, Ranch Dressing, and Red Roma Blend. It is finished with the brand’s signature Buffalo Sauce and served along with a side of zesty Buttermilk Ranch dressing.

Thus, kick off the season of spring with these limited-time and fan-favorite offerings from Whataburger.

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