Shrimp Nibblers Make a Comeback at White Castle with a Spicy Twist

White Castle is bringing back the fan favorite Shrimp Nibblers and introducing a new Sriracha Shrimp Nibblers to its menu.

White Castle has brought back a fan favorite for seafood lovers – the Shrimp Nibblers. The restaurant chain is also introducing a new addition to the menu, the Sriracha Shrimp Nibblers. These delicious treats will be available on the menu until April 9th.

The Shrimp Nibblers are coated with a batter and fried to perfection, creating a golden crispiness. The new Sriracha Shrimp Nibblers offer a unique twist with the sweet chili pepper flavors in the breading, making it a delectable experience.

This limited-time offering is expected to be a hit among customers and White Castle is also offering a special deal to make this season even more joyful. The 10-sack of Original Sliders is available for just $7.99 in most markets and $8.99 in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and Scottsdale, from now through April 9.

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