Jimmy John’s Set to Debut New Caprese Salami Pesto Sandwich

Jimmy John's is all set to introduce a limited-time Italian classic sandwich, the Caprese Salami Pesto Sandwich, packed with deliciousness.

Get ready to sink your teeth into a new Jimmy John’s sandwich, folks! The popular fast-food chain is set to debut the all-new Caprese Salami Pesto Sandwich, and it’s sure to be a mouth-watering treat.

This limited-time Italian classic is packed with all sorts of tasty ingredients, including fresh mozzarella, salami, basil, pesto, slow-roasted tomatoes, balsamic glaze, oregano, onion, and mayo.

The Caprese Salami Pesto Sandwich is going to be available for a 10-week promotion starting from February 27th through March 7th, so you better mark your calendars, people! This sandwich is going to hit the nationwide menu on February 27th, so get ready to head to your nearest Jimmy John’s.

This new concept was tested in both Houston, TX, and Colorado Springs, CO, and it exceeded customer norms for taste and freshness. So, you can be sure that you’re in for a real treat with this sandwich. The Caprese Salami Pesto is the perfect combination of flavors and freshness to welcome spring and bring a new opportunity to the customers.

Mark the dates and Head to your nearest Jimmy John’s starting on February 27th and sink your teeth into the all-new Caprese Salami Pesto Sandwich.

Image Courtesy: Jimmy John’s

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