Jack In the Box Introduces New Mint Mobile Shake Made With Oreo Cookies

Jack in the Box has partnered with Mint Mobile to bring you the all-new Mint Mobile Oreo Shake, just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Jack in the Box, the popular fast food restaurant chain, is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with its latest green and delicious creation featuring the all-new Mint Mobile Oreo Shake. The brand’s latest collaboration with Mint Mobile, Ryan Reynolds’ mobile carrier, has resulted in this exciting new offering.

“Although unexpected to some, those who know Jack and Mint Mobile understand this partnership well,“ says Ryan Ostrom, Chief Marketing Officer of Jack in the Box. “These are two brands focused on innovation, with leaders that aren’t afraid to tell it like it is, cutting out the jargon that our competitors might be trying to feed consumers. We share the same honest marketing tactics with cost-saving at our core that keep our customers coming back for more. And who wouldn’t want to share ad space with Ryan Reynolds?”

Courtesy: Jack in the Box

Soon, fans will be able to witness a new ad campaign featuring Ryan Reynolds (actor and co-owner of Mint Mobile) and Jack Box (Jack in the Box’s iconic mascot), which will run across digital, broadcast, and social media. The ad campaign will start airing from February 27.

The all-new Mint Mobile Oreo Shake will feature the brand’s iconic Oreo Shake with a cool and minty flavor, made with Oreo Cookies and finished with whipped topping and a cherry. The shake will be available between February 27 and April 2 at Jack in the Box stores, online, and on the Jack app, starting at $5.79.

The real question is how the brand is going to perform with their all-new debut featuring the partnership with Mint Mobile. However, it is certain that the shake is going to be a hit among Jack in the Box Burger chain fans and also Ryan Reynolds fans. As a foodie or Jack in the Box fan, are you going to try out this latest creation? Share your valuable opinion in the comment section below.

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