IHOP’s Premium Coffee Bags in Three Delicious Flavors Set to Launch in April

IHOP, the popular breakfast joint in the United States, is set to launch its new premium coffee bags in three exciting flavors.

IHOP, the beloved breakfast hub of the United States, is set to launch a new product that will excite coffee lovers everywhere. That’s right, IHOP is rolling out their premium coffee bags in three delicious flavors by April!

The three flavors that will be hitting the shelves are Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Signature Blend, and Butter Syrup.

In a multi-year agreement with IHOP, Kraft Heinz will be selling the restaurant’s branded coffee in both bags and K-Cups. Miguel Patricio, the CEO of Kraft Heinz, announced the exciting news during the company’s earnings presentation on Wednesday.

According to a Kraft Heinz spokesperson, the partnership will aid in scaling up, as both brands are putting their expertise together for the April launch of a good product.

But let’s be real, we all know that IHOP’s restaurant coffee, which is produced by Royal Cup, is praised for its smooth taste and bold profile. And now, bringing that same option to a home-brewable blend is likely to be a hit with coffee drinkers everywhere.

Image Courtesy: Food Dive

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