How Food Chains Are Coping with High Inflation: Innovations and Special Deals

The article highlights how brands like KFC and McDonald's are offering special deals and innovations to their menus, to cope up with high inflation.

KFC, the mega food chain known for its delicious crunchy chicken, has come up with a special deal that offers its customers an 8-piece chicken bucket for $10. On the other side, food chains like McDonald’s are offering their customers VIP treatment following their latest app update.

Many food chains in the United States have lost momentum amid the pandemic. The sales of mega chains like Domino’s grew only by 0.9% for the fourth quarter ended Jan. 2, 2023. However, Domino’s competitors like Yum Brands or McDonald’s have grown their business all over the world with good numbers.

Now, restaurant brands are offering multiple deals and specials to attract more customers, with new innovations to menus helping brands to sustain during this tough time of high inflation.

McDonald’s is providing its loyal customers with VIP treatment by giving them speedier service. This new feature allows customers to skip the line by choosing curbside or front counter pickup, or by ordering “table service” to dine in without waiting in line.

Recently, we have also seen the debut of new 2 for $5 Twister wraps from KFC and a whole new lineup of Tater Tots from Domino’s. The mega food chain McDonald’s is all set to debut its all-new Bacon Ranch McCrispy Sandwich on March 13th of next month.

Thus we can conclude that the best way to capture the attention of customers and keep them coming back for more, while also helping the restaurant chain to sustain during this difficult time of high inflation and keeping competition alive, is to offer newer innovations to the menu and special deals and offers. Therefore, innovation in the menu, while offering special deals, is the mantra to attract more customers.

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