El Pollo Loco Introduces New Double Shredded Beef Tostada Salad

you're on a journey to be healthy and fit, El Pollo Loco has got you covered with their latest addition to the menu - the Double Shredded Beef Tostada Salad.

Are you still following up on your new year resolution of being healthy and fit, or have you failed again with your commitments? However, there is no issue because the popular fast-food restaurant chain El Pollo Loco is introducing their all-new Double Shredded Beef Tostada Salad, which features the goodness of green vegetables along with tasty beef in a single bowl.

Double Tostada Salads are one of the famous line-ups that feature fresh ingredients from the brand and deliver bold, savory flavors and delicious proteins that guarantee satisfaction. Now, the brand has decided to add another new and delicious treat filled with the taste and healthy benefits of salads together.

The all-new Double Shredded Beef Tostada Salad features a crisp tostada shell filled with a double portion of succulent shredded beef, fresh Hass Avocado, shredded lettuce, and to make it more deliciously savory, the brand uses whole pinto beans, traditional Mexican rice, cool sour cream, Monterey Jack cheese, and freshly prepared pico de gallo salsa, served warm and hot with creamy cilantro dressing.

The all-new Double Shredded Beef Tostada Salad is now available throughout the nationwide menu. However, this is a limited-time menu addition and will be available now until April 19th, so don’t miss out on the chance to taste this tangy and delicious salad filled with the goodness of plants and real taste.

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