Crumbl Cookies New Weekly Lineup February 2023

Brace yourselves, cookie lovers, Crumbl Cookies is back with a new weekly line-up of flavors that are sure to make your mouth water.

Crumbl Cookies is back with its all-new weekly menu line-up, set to run from February 20th to February 25th.

First up, we have the Vanilla Glaze ft. Cinnamon Toast Crunch. This mouth-watering cookie is a cinnamon sugar cookie with a vanilla cream cheese glaze, crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces, and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.

Where the Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip cookie is sure to hit the spot. This lip-smacking chocolate cookie is packed with melty REESE’S peanut butter chips. Yum!

For those who love all things sweet, the Birthday Cake cookie is the perfect choice. It’s a fluffy cake batter cookie with vanilla cream cheese frosting and a splash of rainbow sprinkles.

The all-new Neapolitan is a perfect mix of flavors that you can’t miss. It features rich chocolate and smooth vanilla cookies beautifully stacked and topped with tart strawberry frosting. It’s like a party in your mouth!

But wait, there’s more! For those who like a bit of mystery in their lives, the Mystery Cookie is the perfect choice. Who knows what kind of flavors you’ll find, but one thing’s for sure – it’s going to be delicious.

And for the fans of the oldies but goodies, the Classic Pink Sugar is also going to continue through this week. It’s an all-time favorite – a vanilla sugar cookie topped with a perfect pink swoop of real almond frosting. (Now containing real almond extract). And, of course, the classic Milk Chocolate Chip cookie will always be a crowd-pleaser. Thick, soft, and packed with milk chocolate chips.

You can check the Crumbl App to see what cookie your local store is offering.

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