Coca-Cola and Rosalía Team Up for Limited-Edition Creation

Coca-Cola has announced a new limited-edition collaboration with Grammy-award winning artist Rosalía, called CocaCola Move.

In a move that’s sure to make soda enthusiasts and music fans alike jump for joy, Coca-Cola has teamed up with the Grammy-award winning artist Rosalía for a limited-edition creation. Aptly named CocaCola Move, the collaboration celebrates the transformative power of music, with the Spanish singer’s vibrant persona at the forefront of the packaging design.

Taking inspiration from Rosalía’s contrasting qualities, CocaCola Move features a playful blend of vibrant pink and sleek black colors. The packaging is made all the more special with sketches drawn by Rosalía herself during a creative workshop, morphing into the iconic CocaCola Spencerian script.

But CocaCola Move isn’t just a pretty package. The cans and bottles also include a scannable QR code that takes fans on a journey into the CocaCola Creations Hub. There, they’ll find exclusive behind-the-scenes content of Rosalía recording her new single, a personality quiz that creates custom 3D, metaverse-inspired avatars and playlists based on fan responses, and a music video that incorporates live-action photography and animation sequences.

As if that wasn’t enough, fans can also bid on autographed items credited by Rosalía with inspiring her transformation. From a helmet to a tour outfit and poster, the proceeds from the auction will go to the Antonio Gala Foundation, an organization providing residency scholarships to young creators in Spain.

All in all, it’s an exciting collaboration that’s set to launch in the US, Canada, and more than 20 additional markets worldwide. And for those who are watching their sugar intake, fear not – there will be a zero-sugar option available too.

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