Burger King Testing New Churro and Mozzarella Fries

Burger King, the fast food giant is set to add two new fries to its menu offerings in Columbus, Ohio, starting on February 13th.

Burger King, the food giant, is set to test its two new fries and the classic chicken fries starting on February 13th in Columbus, Ohio, as part of its “Fries, Your Way” menu offerings.

The “Fries, Your Way” menu features the following items:

  • Churro Fries: These are fried strips of pastry dough that are tossed in cinnamon sugar and served warm.
  • Mozzarella Fries: These are fry-shaped sticks served with sides of marinara sauce.

These new fries will be tested along with the classic fan-favorite chicken fries, which are crispy and breaded white meat chicken, perfect for dipping in any of Burger King’s sauces.

Both of these new fries and the classic one will be available in four, eight, or 12-piece orders at participating restaurants in Columbus. They will only be available at participating locations in Columbus, Ohio, starting on February 13th.

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