Baskin Robbins’ New Chicken and Waffles Flavor: A Unique Frozen Treat

Baskin Robbins is set to launch its new flavor of the month of March, featuring Buttermilk waffle flavored ice cream with crispy faux chick'n.

While stepping into Baskin Robbins, most of us expect a sweet and savory frozen treat served with all the freshness. But what happens when we tell you that Baskin Robbins is going to launch its new flavor of the month featuring Chicken and Waffles. Does it sound weird? But the way it sounds is not the way it tastes.

Get ready, sweet tooths, because the next flavor of the month from Baskin Robbins is going to feature Buttermilk Waffle flavored ice cream with crispy faux chick’n and waffle flavored bites, drizzled in a bourbon maple syrup flavored swirl. Sounds delicious, right? Or does it look like a snack turned into a brunch or something? And don’t worry, vegetarians, it’s faux chicken.

This is a new offering from Baskin Robbins, compared to its regular menu. It’s something new and unique. However, Baskin Robbins’ experiment of turning a popular southern cuisine into a frozen treat is challenging.

Waffles and Chicken have been a popular offering in southern cuisine for many years, featuring a delicious combination of sweet and savory flavors which are almost liked by many. However, it sounds very weird when this popular cuisine turns into a frozen sweet treat. Since combining faux chicken and waffles into a frozen treat is difficult, it’s hard to say exactly what it would taste like without trying it. However, it’s worth noting that frozen treats made with savory ingredients like chicken are not very common. Sweet waffles could potentially work well in a frozen treat, but the flavor of faux chicken might not be as appealing in a dessert. Ultimately, taste preferences are subjective, and some people might enjoy this unique combination while others may not.

The all-new Chick’n and Waffles is going to hit the nationwide menu next month, starting from March 1st, and it will be amazing to see the fans’ reaction to this new and unique frozen treat from Baskin Robbins.

If you want to try out this unique flavor a bit earlier, the frozen treat has been spotted at Bethpage, New York. Share your thoughts about the new flavor and what you think about it in the comment section.

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