7UP Rebranded Itself Featuring a New Modern Design

7UP has undergone a refreshing transformation with a brand new modern design that elevates its international positioning.

7UP, the iconic lemon-lime soda, has decided to give itself a much-needed facelift. The soda company has announced a new and modern design that reflects its international positioning and adds moments of “UPliftment” to the everyday. This move marks the first major overhaul in over seven years and is sure to bring a fresh perspective to the brand.

To introduce the new brand identity, 7UP is going with the catchy slogan “New Get Up, Same 7UP.” While the signature green coloring has been maintained, the fresh visual identity system adds zesty citrus tones, giving the design a vibrant, uplifting feel while still showcasing the freshness of its unique taste. This new design will be visible on 7UP and 7UP Zero Sugar bottles and cans, and will be activated through a multi-touchpoint comedy-centric campaign across static, motion and digital assets starting March 2023.

From March 2023, 7UP’s new visual identity system will be rolled out worldwide, starting with Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Ireland, Latin America, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK, and all European markets. With this, the brand is looking to take the world by storm and add a touch of excitement to people’s everyday lives.

While the design may have changed, the iconic taste of 7UP remains the same. The company is confident that its loyal fans will continue to enjoy the refreshing lemon-lime flavor that they have come to love over the years.

So get ready for a brand new look that’s going to “UP” your game in the soda department. With 7UP’s new modern design and vibrant colors, you’ll be feeling uplifted and refreshed with every sip. Get ready to experience the new “Get Up” of 7UP!

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