Pizza Hut is Bringing Back The Big New Yorker On January 31st

Pizza Hut is reintroducing its The Big New Yorker Pizza after a 20-year absence. The pizza will be available by the end of January and will cost $13.99.

Pizza Hut, a popular multinational restaurant chain known for serving signature pan pizza, is set to ring in the new year by reintroducing The “16-inch”  Big New Yorker pizza after a 24-year absence.

You’ve probably never heard of this Pizza, but the Big New Yorker pizza have always been in high demand, and the wait is finally coming to an end as the Pizza chain has decided to bring the pizza back on January 31st.

The Big New Yorker pizza was last seen almost 24 years ago, when the food chain decided to stop selling the pizza for a variety of reasons.

The Big New Yorker Old Pizza Box

However, there has always been a large crowd that has pushed the Pizza chain to bring back the pizza with its old sauce, and the wait is finally coming to an end.

The Big New Yorker Pizza will return to Pizza Hut on January 31st for rewards member and will be available for everyone from February 1st. The 16-inch extra thin giant Pizza will be made with large, hand-tossed dough and topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and spicy cup pepperoni. The pizza will be served in 6 slices with parmesan and parsley on top.

The Big New Yorker Pizza will cost $13.99 and come in two options: Double Pepperoni with Cupped Pepperoni or Create Your Own. 1 topping for $13.99 is CYO. You can add up to two more toppings for CYO at an additional cost.

Pizza Hut The New Big Yorker Image
Image By: Pizza Hut Employee/ Pizza Hut owns the image logo and all rights to it

The extra thin pizza is shown above in the all-new box, indicating that the wait is finally over and you will be able to enjoy it by the end of this month.

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