Pepsi Replaces Sierra Mist With New Starry Lime Soda and Diet Mtn Dew with Mtn Dew Zero Sugar

PepsiCo or just Pepsi is replacing Sierra Mist with its all new Starry Lime Soda and Diet Mtn Dew with Mtn Dew Zero Sugar.

PepsiCo, also known as Pepsi, has announced the official release of Starry, a new lemon lime flavored soda that will replace Pepsi’s famous Sierra Mist lime soda.

The new Starry Lime Soda is now available at all U.S. retailers and foodservice outlets that carry STARRY in Regular and Zero Sugar varieties.

The primary goal of replacing Sierra Mist lime with Starry is to give The Coca-Cola Company’s Sprite brand and Keurig Dr Pepper’s 7 Up more competition. According to a newsweek report, Seirra Mist lime soda was doing well, with over $1 billion in annual sales in 2021, but even with the good performance, Seirra Mist lime soda was far behind the Coco Cola’s Spirite, and perhaps the new name and a few flavor changes could help the product boost sales for the fiscal year 2023.

However, according to the reviews, the brand’s Starry initially received a mixed response, but most of the testers simply found it closer to the old taste of Sierra Mist lime, making it difficult to differentiate between the sodas, but we can conclude that taste has been enhanced and good.

According to leak sources, the brand has also decided to completely replace Diet Mountain Dew with Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, though this news has not been officially confirmed.

For those interested, Mountain Dew Zero Sugar has zero calories per 20 oz, whereas Diet Mountain Dew stll has 10 calories per 20 oz. Mountain Dew Zero Sugar contains more caffeine than Diet Mountain Dew.

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