Papa Murphy’s Bringing Back The XLNY Pizza To Compete Pizza Hut

Papa Murphy's is reintroducing their extra large New York style pizza to compete with Pizza Hut's upcoming The Big New Yorker Pizza.

Beginning today, January 9, the take-and-bake pizza chain will relaunch the XLNY pizza nationwide.

For those who are curious, the XLNY Pizza features an extra large New York style Pizza that gives you the best taste and fulfills every requirement that you expect from a giant Pizza. The XLNY Pizza will be relaunched with three varieties: the XLNY Giant Pepperoni, the XLNY Giant Pepperoni & Ground Sausage, and the XLNY Three Cheese, all for $9.99.

For a limited time, through Sunday, February 26, Pizza fans can also get an XL Bundle deal, which includes your choice of XLNY pizza, an order of the new Meatballs & Marinara, and any 2-Liter Pepsi product.

The primary motivation for this relaunch is not just to appeal to customers who enjoy large pizzas; rather, Papa Murphy’s is taking this action in an effort to compete with Pizza Hut.

If you regularly read our blog, you would be aware that Pizza Hut is reintroducing its famous The Big New Yorker pizza on January 31st of the month this year. For those who are curious, the pizza is 20 years old and comes in 16-inch giant size for $13.99.

This means that Pizza Wars 2023 has officially begun, and it shows that Papa Murphy’s decision to relaunch is not merely a coincidence but rather part of a larger business plan to counter the upcoming giant pizza from Pizza Hut.

However, the main concern is whether the Big New Yorker pizza, for which fans have been waiting for 20 years, could ever be rivaled by the XLNY pizza. It would be amazing to see these two pizza chains go head-to-head, and more or less it will again directly benefit the customer.

If you had to choose between The Big New Yorker and XLNY pizza, which would you choose? Let us know in the comments section. Additionally, mention what you prefer about Papa Murphy’s over searching for Pizza Hut.

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