Papa John’s is Set to Introduce New Crispy Parm Pizza and Deluxe Cheese Crispy Parm Pizza

Papa John's will introduce the Crispy Param Pizza and Deluxe Cheese Crispy Param Pizza, both of which will feature the most delectable thin crust pizza.

Papa John’s, a popular American fast food restaurant chain, is preparing to surprise customers and newcomers with a special and all-new Pizzas.

If you’ve been wanting to try something new and special, your wait is over because Papa John’s is set to introduce the all-new Crispy Parm Pizza and Deluxe Cheese Crispy Parm Pizza at the end of the month.

The Deluxe Cheese Crispy Parm Pizza is basically Alfredo, red sauce, mozzarella, and string cheese bites with parm cheese under the thin crust, whereas the Crispy Parm Pizza can be any pizza with parm cheese under the thin crust.

Both will be the most delicious pizza from Papa John’s and will be served to you in some hot minutes. However, the price of the Pizzas has not yet been confirmed; however, the Pizzas will cost more than $10 or even more.

The Pizza will be available to all rewards members as part of an early access promotion from January 30 to February 5th, and will then be available to all for a limited time beginning February 6th.

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Image: Shared by a Papa John’s employee, but Papa John’s owns the image rights.

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