Panda Express Offering $8 Off On Panda Family Meal To Celebrate the Lunar New Year

Panda Express is Offering $8 Off On Panda Family Meal To Celebrate the Lunar New Year, with Lunar New Year Good Fortune scratcher promotion.

Panda Express is a well-known American restaurant chain known for serving delectable and hot American-style Chinese cuisine, and to commemorate the Lunar New Year, the restaurant chain has decided to give their customers and fans a gift that will allow them to celebrate the new year with the love and support of their family.

To commemorate the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, the well-known restaurant chain is offering a $8 discount on their family meal pack, which includes two large sides and three large entrees, a great way to avoid the hassle of cooking during the festive season.

The promotion is part of the Lunar New Year Good Fortune scratcher promotion, so all you have to do is scratch the cards with patience to get a $8 off coupon.

Visit the Panda Express’s official landing page (Click Here), agree to the terms and conditions, and then click on play now. All you have to do now is scratch off all the coupon cards until you receive the $8 discount coupon, and remember to copy your coupon code because you can only claim it once.

After successfully receiving your coupon code, you can easily redeem it at Panda Express for the purchase of one Panda Express Family Meal consisting of three large entrees and two large sides (estimated to cost between $25 and $35 after the $8 coupon is applied, depending on pricing in your area).

Thus, make your Lunar New Year celebration a little brighter with an exciting deal from Panda Express and save big this winter season.

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