Mountain Dew Launches New Limited Edition Baja Blast Hot Sauce

Mountain Dew introduces the new limited edition Baja Blast Hot Sauce to spice up the winter season and keep it warm with the new sauce.

Pepsico’s Mountain Dew is a popular soft carbonated drink brand, and the company has introduced a new limited edition featuring the fiery Baja Blast Hot Sauce.

If you read our blog on a regular basis, you are probably aware that the Pepsi brand has undergone major changes in January 2023, from replacing Sierra Mist with New Starry Lime Soda to launching all new Improved Pepsi Zero Sugar. Whereas the company is now expanding through the all new Moutain Dew Limited Edition Baja Blast Hot Sauce.

The all-new MTN DEW Baja Blast Hot Sauce, which features a fiery experience with habanero peppers, green chiles, and jalapeno peppers, will hit shelves on National Hot Sauce Day, January 22, 2022.

To demonstrate the hot taste of the new sauce, the brand is also hosting a free giveaway in which you can enter to win a free Mtn Dew Baja Blast Hot Sauce by visiting the provided link here.

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