Krystal Introduces New Sunriser Breakfast Sandwich

On January 17th, the well-known fast food chain Krystal will debut its brand-new Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich, to kick off the 2023.

Krystal one of the popular fast food restaurant chain is all set to kick off the year 2023 with its all new Sunriser Breakfast Sandwich, launching this January 17th.

The Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich is the best and most delectable addition to breakfast. It includes savory sausage, cheese, and a new fried egg, as well as the Chik Biscuit, a thicker, juicier, and crispier fried whole-breast Chik that is placed on Krystal’s traditional flaky biscuit.

The all new Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich will be available at all the participating locations nationwide on January 17th.

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