HORMEL Launches New Chili Cheese Brew

HORMEL introduces the all-new Chili Cheese Brew, a beer with a bold chili flavor balanced by a creamy cheese taste, specially made for game day.

The makers of HORMEL chili have taken the snacking game to a whole new level with the launch of the first-ever HORMEL Chili Cheese Brew. This sippable beer is inspired by the popular dippable chili cheese dip and is the perfect partner for your gameday snacks. The HORMEL Chili Cheese Brew is an effervescent and flavorful beer that is sure to please any chili cheese dip lover.

The beer is a collaboration between HORMEL chili and a top brewery, resulting in a unique and delicious taste. The beer has a bold chili flavor that is balanced out by a creamy cheese taste, making it the perfect pairing for your favorite chips or pretzels.

Starting today, Jan. 24 at 8 a.m. ET, four-packs of the HORMEL® Chili Cheese Brew are available at www.HormelChiliCheeseBrew.com while supplies last. The party-friendly four-packs are available for $24, which includes shipping and handling. The brew will ship in time for fans to enjoy when watching the Big Game on Feb. 12.

This is a great opportunity for chili cheese lovers to try the new and exciting product, and it’s perfect for those who want to enjoy the game with friends and family. The brew is made with real HORMEL chili, cheese, and spices, giving it a bold and delicious flavor that is sure to satisfy any chili cheese lover.

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