Good Foods Introduces New Dairy Free Roasted Garlic Dip

Good Foods introduces a new zesty plant-based dip featuring the delectable Dairy Free Roasted Garlic Dip, a perfect winter pairing.

Good Foods, a popular brand known for its plant-based and all-natural products like guacamoles, dips, salads, and dressings, is kicking off 2023 with their all new zesty plant-based dip featuring all new Dairy Free Roasted Garlic Dip.

The 8oz Good Foods Roasted Garlic Dip will cost you $4.99 and is made up of with fresh, high-quality ingredients, including a blend of garlic, tahini and a hint of lemon.

The dip is gluten-free and contains no added sugar, making it the ideal pairing if you’re looking to improve your health in the new year. The delicious garlic flavor goes well with wraps, salads, flatbreads, mashed potatoes, and other dishes, giving you the ultimate winter food experience.

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