Chipotle Launches a New Lineup of Lifestyle Bowls To Kick Off 2023

Chipotle is kicking off 2023 with a new line of Lifestyle Bowls, which includes seven nutritional bowls to encourage people to adopt healthy eating habits.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, popularly known as Chipotle is kicking off the 2023 with a new Lineup of Lifestyle Bowls, featuring the seven new lifestyle bowls just made for healthy lifestyle.

Many of us start the new year with some new resolutions, and if you have resolution of adopting healthy eating habits then this new line up of Lifestyle Bowl from Chipotle is just made for you, giving you both the taste and health benefits in a single and powerful bowl.

The new Lifestyle Bowl line up includes seven new green and delicious bowls, all of which are listed below with detailed descriptions.

  • Balanced Macros Bowl: The nutritious bowl, which includes light rice, black beans, chicken, fajita vegetables, fresh tomato salsa, guacamole, and extra romaine lettuce, has 61g of carbohydrates, 45g of protein, and 33g of fat.
  • Wholesome Bowl: The 470-calorie Wholesome Bowl featuring Guacamole, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Chicken, Fajita Veggies, and Supergreens Lettuce Blend.
  • Grain Freedom Bowl: The ideal way to start the day is with Supergreens, Chicken, Tomatillo Red-Chili Salsa, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Sour Cream, and Cheese.
  • High Protein Bowl: Get this new bowl from Chipotle, which includes White Rice, Black Beans, Double Chicken, Red Chili Salsa, Cheese, and Shredded Romaine Lettuce, if you need a few more calories and a high-protein meal.
  • Veggie Full Bowl: If you are vegan and want a delicious meal that is also nutritious, choose Chipotle’s healthy option, which includes Guacamole, White Rice, Black Beans, Fajita Veggies, Fresh Tomato Salsa, and Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa.
  • Plant Powered Bowl: Who asserts that a vegan meal cannot be nutrient-dense? Try this delicious bowl from Chipotle that includes a Supergreens lettuce blend, white rice, sofritas, fajita vegetables, fresh tomato salsa, roasted chili-corn salsa, and guacamole.
  • Go Half Veggie Bowl: Choose the Go Half Veggie Bowl, which includes half as much Chicken and Sofritas, Supergreens Lettuce Blend, White Rice, Fajita Veggies, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa, and Sour Cream, if you want meat, vegetables, and health benefits in one bowl with all the flavor.

Additionally, the restaurant chain is rewarding 100,000 fans who participate in the daily challenges on Snapchat by launching an AR Lens that is wellness-inspired and encourages everyone to keep up their healthy eating resolutions. Click here to read this press release for more details.

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