Bojangles and AMB Launching New Hard Sweet Tea

Bojangles and Appalachian Mountain Brewery have collaborated to launch Bojangles Hard Sweet Tea this coming spring season.

Bojangles, a popular restaurant chain in the United States with over 800 locations known for its delicious Southern-inspired menu, has collaborated with Appalachian Mountain Brewery aka AMB to introduce all new Hard Sweet Tea featuring the combination of Alcohol and Iced Tea for all legal age drinkers.

“The collaboration with Appalachian Mountain Brewery was a natural fit because the main goal was to craft our Legendary Iced Tea into a hard tea for fans of legal drinking age. The team poured passion into the entire process.” Said Jackie Woodward, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer for Bojangles.

The all-new Hard Sweet Tea will hit the shelves in March in 12-pack, 12-ounce cans, and individual 16-ounce cans, and will be available at all participating retailers but not at any Bojangles restaurants.

The Bojangles Hard Sweet Tea is the ideal combination for spring, summer vacations, tailgating in the fall, and any other occasion when you want to bring the fun.

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