Applebee’s Bringing Back Fan Favorites Along with $6 Mucho Sips

Applebee's is bringing back fan favorites which includes Boneless Wings, Double Crunch Shrimp, and Riblets as well as $6 Smoocho Mucho Sips.

The well-known restaurant chain Applebee’s is celebrating the new year by bringing back all of the fan favorites, including Boneless Wings, Double Crunch Shrimp, and Riblets along with $6 Smoocho Mucho Sips to highlight the celebration of the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy the returning menu items, which include Boneless Wings, Double Crunch Shrimp, Riblets for $14.99 each served with endless fries, and finally the $6 Smoocho Mucho Sips with your significant other to cap off the day. The complete list of Applebee’s items that are being returned is provided below.

  • All You Can Eat Boneless Wings: The returning item has Crispy breaded pieces of tender boneless chicken tossed in one of six sauces and served with an endless supply of classic fries and your choice of Bleu cheese or house-made buttermilk ranch dressing.
  • All You Can Eat Double Crunch Shrimp: The delectable dish includes golden-brown fried Crispy Battered Double Crunch Shrimp. which is served with cocktail sauce, special slaw, and once more an endless supply of fries.
  • All You Can Eat Riblets: The succulent dish featuring the tastiest pork for mouthwatering bone-in flavor, and the riblets are slow cooked and served dripping in either honey barbecue sauce or sweet Asian chile sauce. It is also served with salads and yet more endless fries.
  • Applebee’s $6 Smoocho Mucho Sips : The Tipsy Cupid and Date Night Daiquiri, both of which are served in their signature Mucho glasses, are featured in the $6 Smoocho Mucho sips. Additionally, at participating locations, guests can purchase these $6 Smoocho Mucho Sips To-Go for “Date Night” at home.

Thus, start the new year off right with these flirtatious, entertaining, and delicious offerings from Applebee’s, which are only available for ordering for a short period of time at all the participating restaurants while supplies last.

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