The Pick 4 for $4 deal is McDonald’s final offer Until Christmas

It's your last chance to take advantage of McDonald's Season of Sharing deal, which allows you to choose four items for $4 until Christmas.

Mcdonald’s the popular multinational fast food restaurant chain has given many deals and offer throughout this festive month of December, however this Christmas the last offer from McDonald’s exclusive seson of sharing promotion is coming to an end with the Pick 4 for $4 deal.

From Christmas Eve to Christmas, the Pick 4 for $4 deal allows you to select a McDouble or a McChicken and then receive a 4pc McNuggets, medium drink, and small Fries for just $4.

Note that you can only claim this deal between Saturday, December 24 and Sunday, December 25. It is only available for a limited time while supplies last, so don’t wait too long and take advantage of this exclusive offer from McDonald’s today.

McDonald’s Remaining Deals and Promotions

Don’t be sad about the end of McDonald’s Season of Sharing promotion because there are even more deals and offers available from McDonald’s throughout the month of December.

Get Large Fries for $1

Yes, you read that correctly: every week, once from your McDonald’s app, you can claim a large fries for just $1. Don’t forget to claim your last large fries for $1 on the next week’s start because the offer expires on December 31.

Get Any Size of Your Coffee for $0.99

What about making this holiday season more refreshing and energetic, and thus the deal is just for you, giving you Premium Roast or Iced Coffee at any time for just $0.99, and this offer can also be claimed once per week until December 31.

Get Free Fries On December 30

No one can just Imagine friday without fries and thus the deal is just made for those foodies who just loves the fries on friday. The deal from Mcdonald’s helping you to enjoy free medium Fries with any $1 minimum Mobile Order & Pay purchase, only in the app.

You can also get free fries by using contactless mobile ordering and curbside pickup. Know more about all the above mentioned offers here.

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