Starbucks is making changes to its Rewards Program

From February 13, 2023, Starbucks' Rewards program will be altered by increasing the number of Star points required to redeem many menu items.

Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee house chain, is about to make significant changes to its Rewards Program by increasing the number of Star points required to redeem a Starbucks menu item.

Starbucks Reward Program is nothing more than a loyalty program for all of the exclusive customers who simply enjoy spending time at Starbucks. The Reward Program offers rewards members two stars for every $1 spent when you add a Starbucks gift card to your Rewards account and use it to pay, and one star for every $1 spent.

This Stars allows Star Rewards members to claim many freebies after collecting at least 25 stars. There are different tiers ranging from 25 to 400 stars, with each higher tier providing more freebies and better discounts.

However, beginning February 13, 2023, Starbucks plans to make changes to some of the tiers.

  • 100 Stars will be required to claim free Brewed tea, coffee, and bakery items, which previously required only 50 Stars.
  • You will need a total of 200 Stars to get free Handcrafted drinks or hot breakfast items, which previously required 150 Stars.
  • Whereas previously 200 stars were required to claim a free sandwich or protein box, 300 stars are now required.

Whereas the lowest tier of 25 Stars, which was helpful in quickly claiming an extra shot of espresso, dairy substitute, or a dash of your favorite syrup, will remain unchanged, as will the 400 Stars tier, which was helpful in claiming the select merchandise or at-home coffee.

The changes will affect 28.7 million members as of this quarter, as well as all customers who choose to share their loyalty to the Coffee chain.

The Coffeehouse chain cited “Inflation” as the reason for the changes to the Rewards Program, and the public is already outraged, as was the case the last time we saw changes at Starbucks. What are your thoughts on this change? Leave a comment and you could be featured on the website.

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