Pluckers Giving a $1 Drink For a Cancelled Southwest Ticket

If your Southwest flight was canceled, don't worry; pluckers is offering a special $1 drink in exchange for your ticket to help you make up for your losses.

Pluckers Wing Bar, also known as simply Pluckers, is a popular restaurant chain in the United States, and yes, they are offering a $1 Small Pluckers Speciality Drink to all those unfortunate passengers whose Southwest Airlines flights were cancelled.

If you regularly read the news, you may be aware of the Southwest Airlines winter chaos, which has led to the cancellation of thousands of flights, and to save passengers from further losses, the restaurant chain is offering a $1 Small Pluckers Speciality Drink in exchange for a Southwest cancelled ticket, so take advantage of this offer from now until January 1st.

To claim the offer, you must make a $2 minimum purchase and show your cancelled Southwest Drink Ticket for a $1 drink.

Also present the embedded tweet along with your ticket at your nearest Pluckers restaurant chain if asked.

Pluckers also offers free appetizers to school faculty and staff every Friday, so if you are a teacher, take advantage of your freebie with a minimum purchase at Pluckers every Friday.

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