Papa Johns Introduces New Papa Bites Starting at $4.99

It's the season of giving, and this December, Papa Johns has introduced new Papa Bites to give you the best and amazing taste.

Papa Johns is a multinational pizza restaurant chain known for their delicious and tastier pizzas, and they have introduced their new Papa Bites this December 19th to celebrate and honor the winter season, or to make your holidays more cheerful.

This savory, spicy, and sweet bites come in eight tasty pop-able morsels that you can enjoy in three exciting new flavors: Chicken Parmesan, Jalapeño, and OREO Cookie. However, the deal is currently only available for Papa Johns Rewards members and will be available to everyone on December 26th.

You can taste and tryout this delicious treat in 8 different sauces, for more information for this members only bites visit this page, and below we have listed more food deals and specials from Papa Johns which will help you with the maximum savings this December, so stick to the post till the end to not miss any exclusive deal of the day.

Papa Johns Shaq a Roni Pizza – $ 13.99

The extra large pizza loaded with extra cheese and extra pepperoni is just made to feed the family this winter season, so what are you waiting for, try out this delicious Papa Johns Shaq a Roni Pizza today.

Papa Pairing – $6.99

Are you hankering for more? Then this deal is for you, as it allows you to pair your favorites from the list below, yes you read that correctly, pair two of your favorites and pay only $6.99 for both of your paired orders. You can select from the options listed below.

  • Grilled Buffalo Chicken Papadia
  • Italian Papadia
  • Meatball Pepperoni Papadia
  • BBQ Chicken & Bacon Papadia
  • Philly Cheesesteak Papadia

Papa Johns Any Large Pizza $13.99 Deal

Yes, you read that correctly. Through this deal at Papa John’s, you can customize or order any of your favorite large crust Pizza or create your own pizza with up to 5-toppings. Then what are you waiting for end your craving for Pizzas with your loved ones this December with this special offers from Papa John’s.

Papa Bowls – $7.99

Not a pizza, but your favorite pizza toppings baked to perfection in a bowl with your favorite and delicious vegetables, savory meats, cheeses, and signature sauces. Try out this limited deal from Papa Johns from the following options listed below.

  • Italian Meats Trio Papa Bowl
  • Garden Veggie Papa Bowl
  • Chicken Alfredo Papa Bowl

You can also fully customize your bowl with your favorite veggies and toppings for more information visit the official Papa Johns website.

Papa Johns More Deals and Offers

If you still have a craving, don’t worry because there are many food deals and offers from Papa Johns that will help you save the most money this winter season, so make your winter holidays more cheerful and happier by taking advantage of all the deals listed below.

  1. Carryout a Large Pizza with 1 of your favorite toppings for just $ 9.99.
  2. Claim this amazing 2-2-2 Deal giving you 2 Large pizzas with your choice of 2 toppings & a 2-Liter pepsi for $ 22.22.
  3. Every Monday get Large Pizzas including Specialty Pizzas for $ 9.99.
  4. Ordering in bulk then just go for Papa’s Family Special giving you Two Large Two Toppings, Dessert, Breadside and a 2-Liter all for $ 31.99.
  5. Add a 2-Liter Pepsi to any of your order for $ 2.99

The deals and specials from Papa Johns do not end here; click here to see all of Papa Johns specials right now.

More Food Deals and Freebies Today

If you are not satisfied with the above deals, don’t worry because we have brought you some more great deals for maximum savings this December 2022.

Get a Free Personal Pizza From Pie Five Pizza with the purchase of gift card worth $25, know more about the deal over here.

Get a free Pubg Mobile In Game Vehicle wrap with any order of Wendy’s through Grubhub, know more over here.

If you want such amazing food deals and offers on a daily basis, simply follow our blog on a regular basis to avoid missing out on any exclusive deals and offers of the day.

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