Mellow Mushroom will introduce a new “Build Your Own Vegan Pizza” option in 2023

Mellow Mushroom is set to introduce its all new "Build Your Own Vegan Pizza" option in 2023, and new line up of vegan pizzas.

Mellow Mushroom Pizza is a popular American pizza restaurant chain known for their delicious and customizable pizza, but the restaurant chain has decided to kick off the year 2023 with the nutritional benefits of Veganism.

As part of its Build Your Own Pizza section, the restaurant is adding a “Build Your Own Vegan Pizza” option. Yes, you read that correctly: vegans no longer have to compromise on taste because they can make their best pizza with all the best and green ingredients.

The main goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of veganism, and the restaurant chain has decided to create a dedicated online vegan menu category as well as a new dining room vegan menu beginning in January 2023.

With the brand-new “Build Your Own Vegan Pizza,” everyone will be able to choose from a whopping 19 different ingredients to customize the ideal pizza to suit their dietary requirements.

You can also check out the other vegan menu choices, which will enable you to build a pre-built pizza with the best vegan toppings. These choices are listed below.

  • Vegan Tempeh Hoagie
  • Vegan Avocado Hoagie
  • Vegan Veg Out and Vegan Cheese Pizzas
  • Vegan Greek and Enlightened Spinach Salads
  • Vegan Pretzels made with Mellow Appalachian spring water dough and served with a choice of Mellow Red Sauce or classic yellow mustard.

Visit the Mello Mushroom official website for more information about the brand-new “Build Your Own Vegan Pizza” option, which will be available for online or pick-up orders over all the participating locations beginning in January.

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