Make a Gift Day 2022: History, Significance and Activities

Make a Gift Day is annually celebrated on December 3rd in the United States. This day encourages people to create gifts for their loved ones instead of relying on purchased ready-made goods. 

There’s just something amazing about the delightful process of unwrapping a gift, wondering what’s inside. Underneath the wrapping paper could be anything, that surprise is what which people likes the most about gifts.  

But what’s really special is when a person receives such a gift which is made by the giver with all of this love and admiration for the receiver. Nothing says that like a hand-made gift, and on Make a Gift Day, everyone can have the fun of sharing that love with the people they care about. 

Event Make a Gift Day
Date December 3, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance The day encourages people to create gifts for their loved ones instead of relying on purchased ready-made goods.
Observed by United States


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Make a Gift Day History: 

The tradition of gift giving is certainly not new to us. It goes back thousands and thousands of years, pretty much back to the beginning of human time! Gift giving has been a special part of all nations, cultures and societies, making it something all humans throughout history have taken part in. Even before the existence of humans, gift giving was present in the animal kingdom! Our chimpanzee ancestors have been known to give food to females in exchange for potential mating or receiving favors from others, meaning gift giving is definitely in our nature. 

The ancient tradition of gift giving can be traced as far back as cavemen! It was an important part of their communities, particularly for establishing dominance, being respected and starting a family. Leaders of tribes would often give gifts to a person who had accomplished something great for their tribe. This helped them show their appreciation for the individual and reward them for their achievement! Typical gifts given among cavemen were teeth and stones, which were classed as keepsakes at the time. These gifts were widely appreciated at those times. 

Gift-giving evolved throughout the times. However, there was time, not all that long ago, when a hand-made gift was the only sort of gift most people would give. There were no major manufacturing facilities for products back then. Instead when a gift was given, the receiver knew that it was going to be something precious, and likely hand-made. Even more common was that a gift would be hand-made by the person presenting it, with time and care spent crafting it with you specifically in mind. And, it probably took them a great bit of planning and work as well. 

However these all changed in our society since the times of the Industrial Revolution! By the 19th century, cheaper manufacturing costs meant mass-produced goods were easily available and affordable, as a result, gift-giving increased all over but the tradition was completely changed as hand-made gifts were soon replaced with ready-made products. Gift-giving has become commonplace in today’s world, with gifts being a popular means of showing love, affection, and respect across cultures. 


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Make a Gift Day Significance: 

Gift is essential part of our lives. Gifts are not just only given on the occasion but also when you want a person to be happy. Gift giving is nowadays common everywhere and in every relations. Gift giving is something what a person doesn’t expects for and when you get something unexpectedly then it makes your happiness or excitement to an another level. Hence you don’t have to think to much before giving someone special gift so just use this day as an excuse to offer some gift to your loved ones. 

When it comes too or for a sudden surprise and specially when it’s a gift it makes much more excited ;through those gifts it gives a lot of memories too which makes a gift more special and beautiful. Gift giving is being important now because there are many generations and the leading generations too which are changing so frequently and even the gift giving has also been changed during these times as we mentioned earlier that now people mostly prefer to give ready-made gifts instead of hand-made goods but but this day offers us an different opportunity. 

On this day, everyone is encouraged to put their own flair toward creating a personal gift for their loved ones, and this might even spark a heretofore unknown talent for crafts and DIY gifts. So this a moment for us to unleash our creativity for gifting our loved ones. As it doesn’t matter even if the gifts are messily wrapped or incorrectly made, the receiver sees the time and effort it takes to create a hand-made gift, and they will know how much they are valued. Hence making your own gifts for others is special in itself. 

This day also inspires to fo something extraordinary and different as store-bought items are the easy choice. Creating a present from scratch is infinitely harder, and not only because you are just starting in this area. Handcrafted gifts take a lot more time, creativity, and love to fashion, and this imbues the gift with a priceless tag. So you can’t really compare the value of hand-made gifts as it is not just that material values goes in it but it involves a lot of hardwork, dedication and love for the receiver which you can’t find in any ready-made gift. 


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Make a Gift Day Activities: 

Have a special friend’s birthday coming up? Scratching your head for what to get your sibling for Christmas? Or you just feel to give present to your lover ones then try your hand at creating a personalized DIY gift. Get help from online videos and tutorials, and let your creativity do the rest. Doesn’t matter what you make as if the receiver is your loved one then he/she will surely appreciate your hardwork and dedication. 

To gift someone a hand-made gift might require some creativity and skills. So you can easily learn some basic skills by watching just some tutorials on the internet if you doesn’t know any yet. Sone of the ideas which you can try includes drawing something, seeing or knitting a gift or if it is an edible item them baking your gift, etc. 

If you are still struggling to find a suitable gift for your loved one! Then you can try to indirectly ask that person what he likes. Or if you are finding it difficult to make gifts yourself then you can also take help from your other friends to achieve it. Whatever you might do but definitely attempt at making your gift as it will be actually very fun and exciting. 

Most Searched FAQs on Make a Gift Day: 

1. When is Make a Gift Day celebrated? 

Make a Gift Day is annually celebrated on December 3rd in US. 

2. What days do you get gifts? 

People typically get presents on major official holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, and Christmas. They might also receive presents on birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. 

3. What’s trending in handmade? 

Knitted and crocheted items are trending big time right now in handmade. 

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