Dickey’s Introduces New Holiday Party Packs Starting At $36

Try out the Dickey's new Holiday Party Packs to avoid the hassle of cooking during the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

It’s the season of giving, where you can smell the aroma of positivity and happiness everywhere, and the occurrence of this festive season gives all of us the opportunity to reunite and celebrate in one tone. However, the most hectic part of this festive season is the family dinner, and to relieve you from the cooking hassle, the famous restaurant chain Dickey’s has introduced its new holiday party packs, which offer you the dinner meal for upto 3 to 8 members.

Thus celebrate the festival season with all the happiness and leave the cooking on Dickey’s.

Below is a list of the holiday packs that are currently available. The holiday packs vary in price and size, so choose the perfect bundel that will meet your needs.

  • Picnic Pack (Feeds six to eight) is the first bundle from Dickey’s Barbeque Pit, starting at $35.90 and includes one choice of meats, two large sides and four slices of Texas toast.
  • Family Pack (Feeds four to six) is the second bundle from Dickey’s Barbeque Pit, starting at $61.60 and includes two choices of meats, three large sides and six slices of Texas toast.
  • XL Pack (Feeds six to eight) is the third holiday party pack bundle, starting at $84 and includes three choices of meats, four large sides, eight slices of Texas toast.
  • BYB Wings & Ribs Party Pack includes the combination of 18 ribs and 24 wings, mac and cheese, coleslaw, rolls, and barbecue sauce with ranch dressing and is starting at $134.40.
  • BYB Original Party Pack is the last offering from Dickey’s which can feed arround 10-12, and includes two lbs. of pulled pork, 2 lbs. of chopped brisket, large coleslaw, large barbecue beans, large potato salad, rolls, relish and sauce for $140.

So, instead of worrying about the feast, consider the delicious feast from Dickey’s and skip the hassle of cooking during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

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