Chipotle Introduces New Garlic Guajillo Steak

It's the holiday season, and the New Year is quickly approaching, so the popular restaurant chain Chipotle has added a new Garlic Gujillo Steak to their menu.

In a week, it will be New Year’s Day, and to brighten up this joyous season, the well-known restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill, also known simply as Chipotle, has debuted its new Garlic Guajillo Steak. This tender cut of steak has been seasoned and grilled to lock in the flavors of garlic and guajillo peppers, and is then finished with lime and cilantro.

where you can also try it for free by joining Chipotle Rewards. But you can try it on Monday because it is currently closed due to the Christmas holiday.

Luckily, If you are a Grubhub+ member, you can also get an extra $5 off all orders over $20. Please note that there is no coupon code required to claim this offer; the deal will be automatically applied in your Grubhub+ account.

Chipotle $1 Delivery Fee Offer

It is the season of giving, so why would a restaurant chain charge you high delivery fees? Here is another offer from Chipotle in which you will be charged only $1 delivery fee on every order.

The offer is automatically applied to all orders of at least $10, and no promo code is required to claim the offer; for more information about the deal, please visit the following page.

Chipotle Catering Offer

To celebrate and honor this festive season, the popular food chain Chipotle has introduced new holiday catering deals, where you can purchase a feast for a large group of people. Some of Chipotle’s catering specials are listed below.

  • BURRITOS BY THE BOX: The catering box can feed up to 6 people and costs $8.75 per person. You can also choose your own burritos, and every two burritos come with Chips, Tomatillo Green-Chili Salsa, and Sour Cream.
  • PLANT POWERED: Also, keep in mind that Chipotle is a great option if you’re looking for vegan food, and they have a Plant Powered catering menu that includes 2x Guacamole and many veggies and cuisine for only $12.00 per person.
  • WORK ANYWHERE: The catering meal will also cost you $12.00 per person and will include Chicken, Steak, and a variety of other Mexican dishes.
  • SMALL GET – TOGETHER: If you’re planning a Christmas gathering with your family, this Chipotle deal is just for you, offering 2x Chicken, Steak, 2x White Rice, and many other items for $13.50 per person.

Chipotle also give you the option to fully customize your meal with build your own option, to know more about the catering deals and offers from Chipotle visit the following page.

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