Best Deals and Freebies for Bake Cookies Day 2022

It's Bake Cookies Day, and we've compiled a list of the best deals and offers of the day to help you save big during the holiday season.

Cookies are one of those things in the world that have the power to put a smile on anyone’s face. Every year on December 18, we celebrate Bake Cookies Day to honor this fantastic canvas filled with delight taste.

It’s December, a month filled with happiness and positivity all around, a month when you can once again witness family reunions and family members preparing for the Christmas celebration, but do you know what the best thing about this festival is? For me, it’s the delectable feast and cookies.

Thus, to assist all cookie lovers this Bake Cookies Day, I have listed a number of deals and offers that will help you save the most money this Bake Cookies Day if you don’t enjoy baking and want to spend this Sunday doing nothing, so read the post until the end to not miss any exclusive deal and offer of the day.

Cookies By Design

This Bake Cookies Day, take advantage of this exclusive offer from Cookies By Design, which offers up to 20% off orders of $50 or more. Fill up your empty cookie jar with this delicious offer from Cookies By Design.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, enter the promo code DASH during the checkout process of your order.

Mrs Fields

Are you planning to give a gift box filled with delicious treats to your loved ones this holiday season? If so, this deal is for you, as it offers up to 30% off on holiday gift packs. Claim this exclusive deal today from Mrs. Fields‘ official website.


This is a limited-time offer from grocery brand Gopuff that gives you $10 off your first three orders and free delivery, yea you read that right order from your favorite cookies to anything in your grocery basket, claim this exclusive deal from Goffu today.


If you enjoy cookies but also enjoy delicious footlongs or sandwiches, this Subway deal is for you. Use promo code FREECOOKIE to get a free cookie with any purchase.


If you are craving delicious fried chicken this winter holidays and also want delicious cookies, this deal will make your day; simply purchase 12 peace meals from KFC and receive six cookies as a complimentary gift this winter season; for more information, visit the KFC official website or simply download the mobile application.

More Fast Food Deals Today

If you still have a cookie craving and want something different and special to eat today, then all of the deals listed below are just for you.

Claim this exclusive Grub deal and get a free PUBG In-game vehicle wrap with any Wendy’s order of $12 or more using promo code PUBG, for more information, visit this page.

Taco Bell – Get Upto $5 Off on Delivery Orders of $20 and more now through 12/19 know more about the deals through here.

Simply follow our blog on a regular basis to stay up to date on all the latest deals and offers.

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